Game Day

Hey Camden, Papa here.  Just wanted to take a minute to visit with you this chilly Sunday morning October 18th, 2020.  Yes, it is still 2020.  I Will be glad when this year is over.  

Now I am supposed to be outside winterizing the yard and taking care of some of Gaga’s flowers.  I was given specific instructions.  The problem is that I had an idea pop into my mind, so I had to decide whether to write this little piece or work in the yard.  So here I sit typing away drinking my coffee.  Those flowers can wait.  I have a few hours before Gaga gets home.  She is at the hospital this morning helping to save lives.

What was that you asked Camden?  My idea.  Oh yes thanks for keeping me on track.  Sometimes I forget what I am doing.

Well yesterday was supposed to be Homecoming at the only school that matters.  I know that we were supposed to be there together, but not this year.  They were not even able to play the game.  It was cancelled and moved to another day.  It was a COVID thing.

Next year Camden I hope that you can make that Homecoming trip with me.  I look forward to taking you there and meeting my friends.  Both of them.

Since I live in another state, I have tried to make it to as many Homecoming games as possible.  Now I have not been to as many games as my friend Kevin Monahan.  How many in a row was it Kevin, 40 plus?  Kevin has been my ticket connection for many a Homecoming.

Camden did you know that Homecoming was a tradition that was started at Mizzou?  Now you do.  

We were the first and for you nonbelievers out there Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy both agree that Mizzou started Homecoming.  Suck it Baylor.

Alex I will take Homecoming for $5,000,000 please.  I know the answer.

Camden I was thinking about past Homecomings.  That is what old people do.  They often think of the past.

Beautiful day in Tiger land.  Fans at Game Day.

I remember so many games where your mom and Aunt Amy were wearing their Mizzou cheerleading outfits.  I do have pictures, but I will not embarrass them today.

My KU girls.  I am sure they are Tiger fans.  They just don’t want to admit it.

I have a specific Homecoming game that jumps into my mind.  That Homecoming game was played on October 23rd, 2010.  The day our Tigers played at the time the number one team in the country.  The Sooners.

ESPN was there on the quad with their show in front of the columns.  Had to keep them off most of the beautiful quad grass.  The rest of the quad belonged to the fans.  It was an exciting day.

I do not think we were picked to win that game.  But win we did.

Tigers 36…Sooners 27. Sorry it is out of focus.  The stadium was rocking.

The field was stormed by the fans.  I believe that your Uncle Justin was one of them.  I do not remember if they were able to get a goalpost down or not.  I do not think so.  The campus police do not take too kindly to having the goal taken down. (Camden I just heard from Megan. The goal post did come down. Excellent!!)

Justin is down there somewhere

One of the goals was taken down after a game my senior year of college.  

On November 14th, 1981 we also beat a highly ranked Oklahoma team that day.  The goalpost was taken down and carried to Harpos.  I think.  I may not have the story completely correct.  I am sure someone can help me here.

The goal post was cut up and I believe my friends Ron Hall and Steve Rasche have a piece or two of that post.  Not Homecoming, but another good memory.

Many Homecoming memories. The 2010 game has many special memories.  Camden your mamma was with us that day.  I believe that was the last Mizzou Homecoming game she has seen.  She was a senior at KU at the time.  We talked her into joining us.  Her cousins and Uncle Brad and Aunt Connie were with us, so I know she had a good time.  At least that is how I remember it.  Maybe next year I can talk her into joining us.  I would like that.

Erin at  the parade wearing her black.  Told you she was a Tiger.

Well Camden there you have it.  A few memories that just wanted to bust out of my brain.

I need to get outside now and take care of the flowers before Gaga gets home.  Or you might have to show up here to save my life.

Later Camden,

P.S. For you Tiger fans out there if you have a picture or two or a memory you would like to share put it here.  Camden and I would love to see your pictures and hear your stories.

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